Mocha Civet Perfume
Mocha Civet
Mocha Civet
Mocha Civet

Mocha Civet

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"Mocha Civet" perfume is an olfactive journey that is as complex as it is enchanting. This unique blend speaks to the artisanal craft of perfumery, where each note and accord plays a pivotal role in creating a harmonious and immersive scent experience.

At the outset, "evoking coffee" sets a vibrant and energetic tone, immediately captivating the wearer with its rich, aromatic warmth. This is paired with "enchanting cacao," introducing a depth of bitter-sweetness that enriches the fragrance's base with a luxurious, indulgent character. These gourmand notes are not just about evoking specific scents but are about creating a texture and a mood that is both comforting and sophisticated.

The introduction of "shy spearmint" into the blend adds an intriguing twist. Its subtle, cooling presence injects a burst of freshness that cuts through the richness of the coffee and dark cacao, lending the fragrance an unexpected lift and a hint of youthfulness.

"Robust Tabac" and "Leather Oud" then weave their way through the scent, anchoring it with an undeniable strength and maturity. This pairing is synonymous with tradition and luxury, evoking the scent of old libraries, leather-bound books, and the smoky allure of a gentleman's club. It’s an homage to the classic elements of perfumery, updated for the modern palette.

The incorporation of "white florals" serves to awaken the composition, introducing a layer of elegance and brightness. It’s a masterstroke that balances the heavier, more masculine elements with a touch of delicate essentials , making the fragrance appealing to a wider audience.

Finally, the mention of "powdery musky civet" marks a sophisticated finale to this olfactive journey. Civet, recognized for its deep, animalistic allure, adds a layer of complexity and mystique climax, rendering the fragrance utterly unforgettable. Its powdery, musky undertones provide a soft, sensual base that lingers on the skin, ensuring the scent’s

Mocha Civet defies conventional categorization, seamlessly blending gourmand, floral, and musky elements with traditional notes of tabac and leather. Such a scent would not only appeal to connoisseurs looking for something out of the ordinary but also to those aspiring to wear a fragrance that tells a story — a narrative of contrast, balance, and olfactive beauty.



9ml perfume size comes in an elegant green box with Ahom World signature maroon velvet inside, the perfume is encased in cardboard box to further protect the perfume during shipping.

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