Al Majid
Al Majid
Al Majid
Al Majid

Al Majid

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Al Majid is an exquisite fragrance, crafted from a blend of rich ingredients including rose, musk, ambergris, and civet maceration. This masterpiece is meticulously prepared by Zak, who employs traditional methods from family practice and infusing these ingredients into dark Hindi oud. The presence of Himalayan musk introduces earthy notes, interwoven with hints of incense and suede leather, enhancing its aromatic complexity. The layers of ambergris and musk form the central theme of Al Majid’s composition.

Potent ambergris is added to this musky base, bringing a scenic creek vibe. While modern perfumers often avoid raw, animalic ambergris, Al Majid utilizes ancient techniques to tame and reveal its hidden depths.

Al Majid is a silky yet powerful fragrance that exudes a royal presence in any gathering. It captivates the heart, stimulates the mind, and elevates the overall experience. More than just a fragrance, Al Majid embodies history, tradition, and artistry.

For Eid Ul Adah 2024, Al Majid is available at USD 120, including shipping, while stocks last. It is presented in an Ahom World sturdy glass bottle containing 2.5 grams of oil. Ideal for fall, winter, and autumn, Al Majid suits a matured nose and fits within the traditional Mukhallat and Ghaliyah genres.

- Rose Damascena
- Amber
- Ambergris
- Musk
- Saffron
- Hindi Oud
- Tuberose
- Himalayan Musk Maceration