Sacred Fragrance: Al Hajar Al Aswad


Al Hajar Al Aswad, Mecca


Inspired by the Hajr Aswad, a revered stone set into the corner of the Kaaba in Mecca, exemplifies an endeavor that is as much about artistry and reverence as it is about olfactory expression.The blend – AL HAJR AL ASWAD, named after the iconic black stone – is not merely a scent but a manifestation of sacred devotion and a symbolic companion for the spiritual journey.

My approach is deeply rooted in tradition and respect, harnessing a medley of aromatic ingredients that are both rare and ethereal.

This complex recipe exemplifies not an experimental foray but a time-honored formula designed to evoke a state of mind that resonates with the essence of the Hajr Aswad and the spiritual experience associated with it.


Al Hajar Al Swad Attar


Each ingredient plays a role steeped in historical significance and rich symbolic value:

- Sweet amber and saffron hint at the sumptuous warmth and luxury, setting the foundation with richness and depth.

- Vintage Taif Rose from the renowned valley adds a signature opulence, while Bulgarian Rose contributes a distinctly regal floral tone.

- The smoky essence of Burmi Oud of Sultan and the potent Hindi Oud adds an exotic and meditative heart to the blend, delivering the spiritual heft the Hajr Aswad suggests.

- Aged Leather Kuppi Hindi Oud which provides earthy and robust overtones, reminds the passage of time and the endurance of faith.

- Kewda from India introduces an intoxicating sweet allure, weaving the fabric with a touch of ethereal grace. A nuttiness from Bur flower adds a touch of warmth and gourmand facets.

- Nepali Musk and Sultan Grade Hojari Frankincense add layers of mystical and serene notes that seem to whisper the ancient prayers of devotees.

- Egyptian Jasmine unfurls a soothing, heavenly fragrance that speaks to purity and inner peace.

- Aged Civet from Salalah and creamy Mysore Sandalwood create a profound base that anchors the scent, offering stamina and a subtle sensuality.

- Aged Manipur Oud rounds out the composition with a deep, resonant woodiness redolent of prayer and contemplation.


Al Hajar Al Swad Attar


The highlight of the blend contains two of the rarest essential, each with a distinct pedigree. Firstly, we have the Royal Jabel Akhdar rose. This is no ordinary rose—it hails from the esteemed collection of Sultan Qaboos, prized for its unique scent it provides a rich and nuanced foundation for the blend.

Then, we have the Henry Jacques (HJ) Frankincense. It is one of its kind, this ingredient adds a timeless aura to the blend.

Together, these two ingredients create an unparalleled 'dry down'. Contributing a sense of spiritual elevation.

In presenting AL HAJR AL ASWAD, my effort was to relive an olfactory pilgrimage, each element curated to represent the soul's connection with the divine.


Al Hajar Al Swad Attar

This blend is unique not only for its ingredients but for the intention behind it, offered as a tribute during the holy month of Ramadan, marking a significant moment in my personal journey.

Respect for the subject matter is paramount. Hence, the fragrance is crafted with noble intentions. It could be seen as a form of spiritual craftsmanship that offers wearers a whiff of remembrance, a connection to a greater narrative.

AL HAJR AL ASWAD thus stands as both a personal testament and a cultural homage—a passionate gift to those who embrace this sacred time and seek solace and beauty through scent.

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