Scented Secrets: Red Rose Jabrin by Henry Jacques

The unrevealed gem from the treasure of Sultan Qaboos


In this heartfelt homage to a legendary friendship that has profoundly influenced the world of perfumery, I would like to highlight the special relationship between Sultan Qaboos and famed perfumer Henry Jacques. Their shared passion for fragrance unfolds like an enthralling narrative, an interplay of art and royalty that has shaped the industry's history, while serving as an inspirational guidepost for the generations to come.

The extraordinary link between the Sultan and Jacques is presented as an intertwined tale, immortalized in a creation that resonates with the profound personal quest of these two remarkable men. The fragrant alchemy hailed in this collaboration mirrors my profound respect and admiration for their significant contribution.

This is about an event that happened to me one evening last year. As daylight succumbed to darkness, I found myself steeped in deep contemplation, disheartened by the day's events, amidst the opulent backdrop of Dubai's dazzling skyline. A gentle chill breeze caressed my face, somewhat balmy oceanic as if rose embraced the surroundings. A single boat, adorned with lights, sailed across the Creek providing for a spectacle as it entertained holiday-goers.

Dubai Creek, view from Ahom World Studio


Without warning, my senses were abruptly arrested, by a fragrance as powerful as a thunderstorm. The scent struck me like hidden rose petals trapped within the confines of a time-worn book and the subtle dampness of worn leather. It offered an enigmatic allure that instantly demanded my captivation. I found myself a hapless victim to its irresistible charm as I endeavored to trace the origin of the scent.


Then, the epiphany dawned upon me; it was the fragrance of Sultan Qaboos, crafted meticulously by the genius perfumer Henry Jacques almost over 40 years ago. This was the veritable Red Rose Jabrin, its first incarnation devoid of any jewel-studded flacon. Just a portray of palace Jabrin painted with 22 karat gold vermeil over crystal flacon from Paris.


The fragrance is a marvel, a perfect fusion of fresh rose petal essence emitting a leather accord. Its creation was a testament to the passionate character of the Sultan, a high point of contemporary perfumery, impossibly intricate and immeasurably beautiful. Indeed, the bond with Henry Jacques was birthed after a heartfelt gift by Sheikha Alia bin Khalifa Al Maktoum of Dubai to Sultan Qaboos, which he cherished deeply.

Unwittingly, I parted with a few precious grams of this irreplaceable treasure, liberally applying it to the visitors who frequented my studio & were deeply appreciative of its rarity.


Jabel Al Akhdar Rose Farm

Jabel Al Akhdar Rose farm

Photo Source: Shutterstock 


Recently, my research revealed striking truth – this fragrance is unparalleled. It means it contains a very unique type of "rose damascena" from the Jebel Akhdar valley. This is the only time this specific rose has been used in modern perfume-making, it is a remarkable example in the history of perfumery. Apart from the select few royalty who possess this enchanting essence, the rest lies in the Royal Treasury of Oman, making it an exquisite yet elusive piece of perfumery history.

This blend, crafted exclusively for Sultan Qaboos by Henry Jacques, is, in essence, irreplaceable – a testament to their contribution to the world of exquisite scents. Owning it has become a bitter-sweet memory, an epoch that no other collectible can replace in our modest array.

Finally, the closing note of gratitude towards these luminaries for their enduring legacy in the world of fragrances underscores the prismatic impressions they have left. It serves as a sincere thank you note, a reflection on the sublime pursuit of passion that these two giants of scent pursued, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and captivating the olfactory world for generations to come.

P.S. - From the private collection of Ahom World. Not for sale. It is in our studio for display purely for admiration & informational purposes only.

Jabrin Palace

 Jabrin Fort: Oman

Photo Source: Shutterstock

The inspiration for perfume was The Jabrin Palace (or Jabreen Castle) is an impressive landmark in Oman situated in the city of Bahla. It was constructed in the 17th century under the orders of Imam Bil'arab bin Sultan, who was a ruler of the Yarubi Dynasty.

The castle is a fine example of Islamic architecture with intricate wooden carvings, beautifully designed arches, and exquisitely decorated rooms and hallways. It's known for its detailed ceiling artwork and stunning views from the top.

The palace is divided into two main parts: the first one is the residential part, which includes the family rooms, dining area, and the kitchen while the second part was used for administrative services and houses the offices and consultation rooms. Its strategic location allowed the rulers to keep an eye on the trade routes connecting the interior with coast.

One of the most notable features is the Sun and Moon Room, an important meeting place featuring two domes representing the sun and the moon.

Now, Jabrin Palace serves as a museum, offering visitors a peek into Oman’s rich history and cultural heritage.


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