SULTAN GRIS a fragrant tribute

Embarking on a voyage through the ocean of the Orient, Sultan Gris emerges as an ultimate tribute to the late H.M. Sultan Qaboos. Harnessing the essence of royal heritage, this exquisite blend evolves from legacy to olfactory marvel.

Introduction of Sultan Gris 


The scent starts with a dignified procession of aged ambergris, its profound maritime allure entwining with the deep, mesmerizing notes of vinatge Sultani Burmi & Hindi oud along with soothing whispers of sandalwood. Yet, in Sultan Gris, ambergris does not merely play a single note—it is both the prelude and the enduring echo, fortified with fossil amber, enriching the fragrant narrative with its ancient wisdom.

Imagine the heart of Sultan Gris as a silken caravan of spices, saffron tenderly warmed to release its golden threads, seamlessly mingling with the vibrant twirl of nutmeg, cardamom, and star anise. Oakmoss and onycha shells lend an almost mystical earthiness, while a carefully curated ensemble of forty spices parades through the bouquet, each adding its unique voice to the chorus of sophistication.

The magic of Sultan Gris resides not only in its blend but in its —crystal flacon from the Palace, blend has been nurtured over a year, cradle the potent concoction. As you uncap the bottle, the air fills with scents of bygone eras, a whisper of the Sultan's legacy.


Making of Sultan Gris - 21 Jan 2023

Further enchanting our senses, each bottle of Sultan Gris carries a precious treasury of vintage ambergris dust, promising to transform and elevate the initial olfactive journey as it matures, much like a fine wine, revealing new, mesmerizing chapters. With time, the wearer will encounter an evolving palette of scents, igniting the olfactory experience with an unfurling bloom of notes long after its first application.

Wrapped in an ambiance of dark, resinous oud and the opulence of spices, Sultan Gris invites the connoisseur to a regal dive into depth and splendor. The result is nothing short of aromatic alchemy—an intoxicating melody of old-world charm and contemporary finesse.

Encased in our signature wooden box lies a Tola of pure, unadulterated luxury. Sultan Gris captures the zeitgeist of the 90’s industry with a nod to its roots, presenting an ultimate ambergris reverie for fragrance enthusiasts seeking to indulge in the profound and ever-unfolding essence of royalty.



 Sultan Gris with more Aged Ambergris Dust Bottling - 13 Dec 2023


Notes Breakdown

Sultan Gris is a sophisticated scent that evokes the essence of the ocean with its salty sea breeze and hints of seaweed. It's beautifully intertwined with deep oud wood and smooth saffron, highlighted by warm spices and nutmeg for an invigorating experience. The fragrance opens with the distinct musky aroma of ambergris, reminiscent of the mythic allure of a Greek God of ocean in essence. As this scent matures in each bottle, a special aged ambergris dust included in the blend will further enhance its richness, promising to evolve into a uniquely precious fragrance. With its complex layers of resinous oud, sweet warmth, and the marine salty muskiness of ambergris, Sultan Gris pays tribute to the late Sultan Qaboos with a creation destined to become a legendary masterpiece.


Sultan Gris Ingredients

Sutlani Burmi Oud, Sultani Hindi Oud, Vintage Mysore Sandalwood, Aged Shamama from Zak family, Saffron, Onycha Shells, Aged Ambegris from Sultan Qaboos collection and ambergris dust.



Presentation for 1 Tola in Ahom World exclusive "Rosewood" carved box



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  • A Banerjee

    SQ ingredients…
    A Grand Composition, too exotic to be defined, because definitions are always bounded….this is limitless as the vast expanse of the Ocean and so is the pearl from that very Ocean…. Ambergris and that too from the SQ Collection, thoroughly drenched in the much Formidable and Majestic SQ Burmi Oud…..
    Going to be a Benchmark in Ambergris Composition

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