The Enigmatic World of Agarwood Hunters in India: A Fragrant Tale

Embarking on a journey through the secretive and enthralling world of agarwood hunting, this odyssey unravels the unique profession thriving in the North East region of India. The enigmatic resin, known as 'liquid gold,' emits an intoxicating aroma and is extracted from the rare Aquilaria tree. Despite the perils and unrelenting nature of this trade, agarwood hunting serves as a vital source of income for its dedicated practitioners. This volume offers an illuminating exploration into the lives and industry of these agarwood hunters, as well as the labyrinthine business that spans from harvesting to distribution.


The Hunters and the Challenges

This chapter immerses in the lives of agarwood hunters, uncovering their trials and the adaptations they must make to the shifting terrain and regulatory environment. Working clandestinely and often in tandem with local authorities, these adept individuals journey from one village to another, seeking out rare trees hidden within the remote corners of North East India. As the landscape evolves, so too do the hunter's methods, displaying unparalleled adaptability in their craft.

The Complex Web of Agarwood Trade

This chapter delves into the entwined systems and enigmatic rules dictating the agarwood trade by examining its key players, from hunters and marginal traders to wealthy distillers and logistic coordinators. The unconventional nature of the industry is uncovered through the analysis of each stakeholder's unique position and interactions with one another. As the layers are peeled back, the reader gains unprecedented access into this complex and fascinating world that remains hidden in plain sight.


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