Cambodi Moattar Supreme
Cambodi Moattar Supreme
Cambodi Moattar Supreme

Cambodi Moattar Supreme

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Fumigating a small piece of chip over a gentle, ember-like glow of coal unfurls a transformation within the space it occupies. This is not merely the act of burning; it is an olfactory journey through the dense forests of Cambodia, where the air is hypnotic with a complex, intoxicating blend of scents. As the incense smolders, its multifaceted profile begins to unfold, releasing layers of sour yet sweet aromas that seem to capture the essence of the untamed wild. The initial oud gently gives way to a luscious, nectar-like sweetness, reminiscent of rose petals bathed in morning dew and the radiant purity of white florals at their peak. This floral bouquet is then enveloped in a musky, mystical veil of oud, an aroma as ancient as time, mingling with the primal essence of smoke and the ethereal quality of incense. This aroma weaves through the room, leaving a smoky trail that lingers long after the flame has subdued, a testament to its enduring presence. The effect is transcendent, transporting one to a state of serene calmness, as if by magic, any lingering negativity is banished, leaving behind only the tranquil harmony of mind and spirit.



Cambodi Incense Grade Mori Chips.



Cambodi Char, Taif Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Green Hojari, Musk, Amber


Room Fragrance, Fragrance Clothing, Relaxation and Well Being.


Method of Fumigation:
- Coal subdued
- Mica plate over coal
- Subutism
- Ceramic Heater

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