Eid Box
Eid Box
Eid Box
Eid Box

Eid Box

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Celebrate with Ahom’s Eid Box

We are very excited to present a luxurious Eid Box for you indulge in! Get Hindi Qadeem Oud & recieve Oud Civet Mukhallat & Jahan Perfume for free. 

 For the price of just Hindi Qadeem, receive a Eid Box featuring these three remarkable creations. A true gesture of appreciation and celebration. 

This exquisite package of quality and value, includes global shipping at no additional cost, making it a genuine gift in anticipation of the joyous Eid of 2024.


Hindi Qadeem Oud

The essence of an Upper Assam, aged to perfection, whispers of history in every swipe. Evoking the earthy musk of hay and the rich, deep hues of leather, its hails from early 2000s–a time not precisely marked by years but defined by the quality it has nurtured.

This Hindi Qadeem, a term that resonates with antiquity and rarity, stands as a testament to the art of fine oud-making. Its well-rounded character, embodying the intricate balance of nuances, renders it a masterpiece of both time and tradition. Here lies not just a oud but an experiential journey into the past. It is for those who appreciate the richness of tradition and rarity.



Oud Civet Mukhallat

Oud Civet is a symphony of natural opulence, maturing since June 2023 layered over serene Mysore sandalwood, with whispers of floral delicacy and the richness of Trat Oud weaving refined animalic allure. Beyond mere ingredients, this blend transcends to an art form, aged civet sourced from the regal confines of the Salalah Palace, encapsulating a tradition of elegance and rarity. Created as a tribute for Eid 2024, its complimentary with the purchase of Hindi Qadeem with Jahan edp as an added gift. Signifying a gesture of respect and connection to our community of attar aficionados and oud connoisseurs.

Oud Civet unveils a delicate dance of faint animalic essences and buttery notes, entwined with the sour zest of Thai tropical fruits and the mystical incense of oud, crowned by the powdery whisper of civet. A craft from historical times it stands as an emblem of beauty.



Jahan Perfume 

Jahan edp, presented in a 9ml vial, stands as an example of traditional attar artistry and contemporary perfumery. Crafted from a bounty of natural essences, it weaves together the opulent notes of Rose Otto, Jasmine, Frankincense, Oud, Sandalwood, Musk, Spices, and Cedar into a harmonious composition that's as approachable as it is complex.

Jahan edp graciously compliments along with Oud Civet attar, forming a dual gift only with purchase of Hindi Qadeem.