Muezza - Limited Edition (7 pieces)
Muezza - Limited Edition (7 pieces)

Muezza - Limited Edition (7 pieces)

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The alluring essence of Muezza unfolds like nature’s most intoxicating. At its heart, white jasmine and tuberose bloom with an intensity that is both hypnotic and sensually carnal, reminiscent of wild orchids’ nectar simmered delicately in the esteemed Crassna Oud. This unique combination sets the stage for an enchanting journey.

Muezza then introduces a hint of spices, subtly laced with tropical berries, each layer orchestrated that it creates a symphony of fragrances. This complexity assures a multifaceted experience with each inhale.

However, the fragrance does not stop there. It evolves further, revealing a powerful, rich scent characterized by its almost intoxicating essence of vanilla drenched amber resting gently in cognac barrels (faint caramel and boozy effect). Covered with a faint, yet unmistakable hint of tobacco and suede leather. 
This aromatic blend bestows upon Muezza a warmth and depth that is both opulent and comforting.

The later stages of this fragrance journey unveil an exquisite combination of chocolate -ox cup civet musk and resins, each element carefully balanced so as not to overwhelm but to enhance the richness of the scent.

Muezza offers a rare treat that encapsulates regality and sophistication in its character.

Muezza is not merely a fragrance; it is an unforgettable encounter with luxury and elegance, a testament to the art of perfume making. Its ability to transport one through an olfactory expedition that is as exotic as it is refined makes it a masterpiece in its own right. This is a scent that does not merely linger on the skin; it weaves itself into one’s memories, invoking moments of sheer beauty and pleasure. A truly extraordinary creation, Muezza stands as a pinnacle of fragrance, offering a scent that is at once powerful & regally complex.


Ahom Prive

A series of very limited ingredients and rare obscure material. In this case Civet Ox Cup is used as one for the ingredient from Sultan Qaboos Collection. In traditional Ethiopian practices, the precious civet paste is stored in zebu horn cups. These cups are filled to the brim with the semi-solid paste, amounting to 35-40oz from four years of civet collection per animal. Civet traders test the paste by tasting it, with the presence of honey indicating adulteration.


Muezza Ingredients 

Top : Bergamot, Lavender, Jasmine Sambac, Sweet Orange, Orange Blossom

Middle : Oman Frankincense, Tuberose, Cardamom, Nutmeg

Dry Down : Ox Cup Civet (SQ), Civet Tincture, Sandalwood, Orris Root, Labdanum, Vanilla, Cacao, Benzoin