Old Souk

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This seductive and enchanting scent captures the essence of romance and elegance, transporting its wearers to the intoxicating atmosphere of an old souk of arab region.

Crafted with passion , "OLD SOUK" is a delicate symphony of floral and sweet elements. At its heart lies a radiant bouquet of roses – the undisputed stars of the composition – skillfully intertwined with the captivating allure of lavender and the mysterious charm of orris root. The sumptuous sweetness of honey-infused florals lends the fragrance its nectarine richness, striking a sublime balance of sweetness and sensuality.

Our master perfumer also sought to enhance the olfactory journey by incorporating the deep, luscious notes of date molasses, which serve to amplify the irresistible experience of this enchanting elixir. The fragrance is then refined with a touch of sandalwood, imparting a warmth and elegance that evokes the charm and sophistication of an exclusive night in an opulent eastern palace.

To complement and elevate the enchanting melange of scents, "OLD SOUK" concludes with a crowning glory of white musk and a delicate powdery outline, creating an irresistibly addictive blend that will make wearers yearn for just one more whiff.

Here at our perfume house, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our ability to craft fragrances that embody the spirit of elegance, romance, and adventure. With "OLD SOUK", we believe we have once again surpassed expectations and created a mukhallat that will stand the test of time, weaving itself into the tapestry of the lives of its wearers like a fleeting yet unforgettable memory.

Discover the beauty and majesty of "OLD SOUK" today, and allow yourself to be swept away on an intoxicating journey of love, passion, and sensuality, walking through the bustling floral and sweet bazaars of a magical, bygone era.