Oud Sahabi

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This oil category are rarely found. Burma closing borders to Thailand and unrest in state. I dont think we will get these kind of quality from this region anytime soon or may be very long time to come across. Definitely not at this price. This batch is purely incense grade-chisels and dust from carving of oud log over a year. A gem and rare treat from distiller. They count this as their yearly bonus and saving. Though border crossing is nearly impossible and uncertainty in the region made the distiller sell this to keep them lucrative and saving for their rainy days. The dust was collected over a year and then it was distilled in Thailand crossing border. These kind of hybrid oils will be a genre of its own. Hence, Burmi-Thai.

Rain forest soaked with heavy rainfall. Earthy mushroom smell of wet soil and rocks emitting Mineralic smell. A thin ray of sunlight gives rise to bitter dry note and incense smell of oud is very noticeable from big log wet from rain. The oud tree over 3-4 decades of history in the Burmi topography.

Incense clean note is on dry down. Not everyday we come across the batch of this stature. Distilled fresh 5-6 months ago. Allow the time to take its course to make this beauty a beast of incense oud genre.

When I closed my eyes to give a character to this oil. Word . Like SAHABI came to my mind. A smell very mystical and spiritual.

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