Sultani Burmi Qadeem
Sultani Burmi Qadeem
Sultani Burmi Qadeem
Sultani Burmi Qadeem

Sultani Burmi Qadeem

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Presenting ‘Sultani Burmi’ as one of the Qadeem (Vintage) from the Diwan. It is smell of regality and stately ambience that these historic courts represent, fostering a profound connection with Oman's illustrious history.

The portrayal of Oman as a prosperous and modern nation today dates back to the 1970s when late H.M. Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said ascended the throne. Known as the architect of modern Oman, Sultan Qaboos transformed the country into an economically stable and internationally recognized state, all while maintaining its historic elegance and cultural charm.

The Royal Court of Oman, under his reign, became a symbol of hospitality, diplomacy, and grandeur. It's known for hosting illustrious guests, showcasing Oman’s cultural richness combined with a distinct sense of hospitality. The court also performed vital administrative functions, aiding in the execution of Sultan Qaboos' vision for a vibrant and forward-looking nation.

The Regal dignity were gifted Oud, particularly the ‘ Burmi’ that found favor with the late Sultan Qaboos of Oman. This Burmi Oud is a scent of heightened refinement and luxuriance—indeed a rare aromatic treasure.

Used for illustrious guest in the majestic halls of the Palace of Oman, the Burmi Oud paints a portrait of sophisticated elegance. It carries a rich, deep scent that often harkens one back to the dense forests from where the Agarwood, the heartwood from which Oud is derived, is harvested.

Each drop of the Burmi Oud alludes to an age of unparalleled extravagance and aristocracy. The late Sultan Qaboos, whose refined tastes were globally renowned, held this particular fragrance in high esteem. Thus, the Burmi Oud was not merely a scent in the palace but symbolized a union of secular royalty and celestial nature, making it an intrinsic part of the Sultanate's mystique.

This Burmi Oud resonates to this day after three decades a harmonious symphony left behind by Sultan Qaboos.

A tribute to his exquisite taste and a testament to a time of divine opulence that was. The Burmi Oud is, thus, an olfactory salute to a legacy that was innate, personal, and unique to the late Sultan.

Now, you too, can own a part of this luxurious heritage as it makes its way into our private offering.


Immerse yourself in the enigmatic allure of Burmi Oud from the Sultani Collection, a scent that promises a journey through the heart of a mystical forest.

At first encounter, whispers of faint, tantalizing Blackcurrant Purple interlace with a harmonious blend of sweet and sour notes, creating an inviting prelude. This initial sweetness is meticulously veiled by a soft, white floral lace, teasing the senses with its delicate presence.

As the scented experience deepens, the air is imbued with the reverent incense of Oud, a sacred essence that signals the presence of luxury and tradition.

The fragrance reveals a mature Tobacco element, that gently tugs at the opening bouquet, adding a robust depth to the aromatic profile.

The top note carries the smoky signature of Sultani Oud oils, seamlessly intertwined with the lusciousness of sweet honey and the subtle, pastoral scent of sweet hay. This rich and golden sweetness encapsulates the essence of opulence and nature's bounty.

At its core, a resinous Oud character persists, firmly anchoring the fragrance with its potent charm. The Agarwood's warmth at a low temperature unfolds a deep, woodsy aroma. It's a scent that is both grounding and transcendent, capturing the raw, untamed spirit of wild agarwood.


Collection: Sultan Qaboos
Origin: Burma (Myanmmar)
Harvest: Wild
Category: Vintage
Era: Early 1990’s
Distillation Style: Hydro
Style: Traditional Wood Fired

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