Cambodi Emperor

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Shanoukville is a beautiful coastal city that has been a hub of trade for centuries. It has played a significant role in Cambodia's economic growth and has become a bustling tourist destination in recent years. However, the importance of Shanoukville extends beyond its commercial value. The city's rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes have made it a source of inspiration for artists and artisans alike.

One of the most prized creations to have emerged from Shanoukville is the legendary Cambodi Crassna agarwood strain. The exquisite aroma of this agarwood has captivated generations of oud enthusiasts and has become a symbol of Cambodian pride. However, the original Cambodi Crassna strain has become scarce due to a variety of environmental factors and overexploitation. As a result, finding a real Cambodi Crassna strain is now a truly rare find.

One such rarity is the Cambodi Emperor, which is the epitome of clean and pristine oud Crassna in the collection. It exudes a delightful rosy aroma, reminiscent of honeyed pink lotus with a calming earthiness that lingers. The scent carries a sweetness of tropical fruits with ripe sour edges that tantalize your senses.

The Cambodian Emperor's red silk oil is a dense resin of oud, woven in layers that exude the aroma of dry prunes, cherry wet tobacco, suede leather undertones, and subtle cream of sandalwood, meshed with rose petals and honeyed pink lotus. It's a scent that truly lives up to its name, an Emperor in the category of oud oils, a rarity that will be cherished by scholars of the fragrance for a lifetime.

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