Koh Chang

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Koh Chang is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand, just off the Trat province. This island is home to a unique Crassna species of agarwood that sets it apart from the rest of Thailand. This strain is a rare treat, unadulterated by the false methods of force harvesting that have plagued the region's plantations, destroying the indigenous way of agarwood.

The jungles of Koh Chang have long been known to produce some of the world's finest agarwood oils. The Crassna strain grown here is particularly special, and it is perfect for use in spring and hot summer weather.

When you first experience the fragrance of Koh Chang agarwood oil, it opens with a tangy burst of fresh and sour blueberries that leaves a trail of fruity aroma around you. As you delve deeper into the scent, you'll notice the dominant and enchanting scent of rose petals, infused with the rich depth of saffron that appeals to your senses. The fusion of moist tobacco and tonka brings a layer of complexity, making the scent even more profound and rich.

Meanwhile, in the background, the scent of sizzling oud chips incense lingers, enhancing the enchanting experience even further. This distinctive Crassna strain agarwood hails from the mountains of Koh Chang and is undoubtedly a rare find, coveted by oud enthusiasts worldwide.

Exploring the hidden gems and unique creations that the world of oud has to offer is an ongoing journey, and Koh Chang agarwood oil is a magnificent example of the rare and exquisite oud oils that await discovery.

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