Crassna Qinam

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This exquisite agarwood oil is a symphony of carefully curated notes that resonate with nature's deep oud nuances.

As you open the vial, the air fills with an intoxicating opening note. Ripe berry scents unfurl first, creating an initial bold statement which is both intensely sweet yet enchantingly gentle. This olfactory narrative unfolds further, coursing through themes reminiscent of a bouquet that harnesses various fruits, creamy richness, and the enveloping sweetness of tropical fruit molasses. 

It culminates into a serene drydown, a balanced blend of pleasing woody tones, lactic buttery bitterness, and a prance of distant fruit pulp, all rooted deeply towards grandeur profile of Cambodi.

Contrary to perception, Crassna Qinam is no mere 'pink bubble gum' fragrance losing gravity. Beneath its playful fruity accents lies a robust, deep agarwood character that defines its substance, ensuring a lasting impression.

The oil itself is an embodiment of enigma - a sumptuous fusion of sour, velvety, honeyed marmalade smoothness that conceals Qinam's esteemed identity.

Until now privately sold, we are introducing only batch of Crassna Qinam on our website. 

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